Telecom Site Quality Audits

From CSS experience, quality auditing is a fundamental part of a project’s process to ensure its success. Our experience has highlighted that circa 90% (ninety) of telecommunication built or upgraded sites have defects, which can be Critical (Service Affecting), Health and Safety, Major and Minor issues, which could have a detrimental effect on the Network.

Our certified quality auditors complete a comprehensive inspection report on both climbable (“Greenfield” and “Rooftops”) and non-climbable structures (“Streetworks”) and ascend the telecoms site when applicable in order to carry out the required auditable checks.

All inspections are supported by a full set of digital photographs and the data is recorded at the time of the survey onto a detailed audit form and is updated onto CSS’s industry leading Quality Management System which is accessible by the client following an internal quality check.

All of the inspection data collated at the quality audit is updated onto the Quality Management System and calculates a score which is benchmarked against a Service Index Score. This enables the client to generate bespoke comparative managerial reports, which has proved to be an imperative tool for site build analysis.