The Company

CSS Ltd conduct quality audits for the Telecommunications Industry, within the following sectors Personal Commercial Networks (PCN); Wi-Fi Broadband speed and capacity development; Broadcasting and Microwave –wireless transmission.

CSS was founded by its two Directors, whose experience was within the telecoms quality auditing department within one of the main Network Operators.

This fundamental experience and knowledge combined with the field telecom quality auditor's wide-ranging proficiencies within the Telecommunications Industry enables CSS to appreciate how imperative it is to ensure that all telecommunications networks are functioning to their optimum level within the specified timelines and resource.

CSS are a company that bring flexibility to their work, allowing the customer to achieve targets. They are an extremely friendly company to work with and never without a solution.

I’m very pleased with the quick reaction of CSS, to any question I raise. I normally receive, not only a speedy answer I want, but also additional background, and suggestions I didn’t even ask for! If only all my Suppliers were so Pro-Active! Many thanks.

Very reliable and professional service

CSS have always strived to understand Wireless Infrastructure Group’s needs and have adapted their processes and methodologies to suit. They provide the best service possible and always with an affable approach which makes it a pleasure to deal with everyone at CSS. It is a company ethic that is evident in everyone that you encounter.
Wireless Infrastructure Group

CSS has been working with market leading telecommunications companies since 2002 and throughout this period has successfully demonstrated its ability to deliver a consistently reliable level of high quality audit services to meet the clients’ project requirements via a robust business model.

With UK wide capability and the flexibility to deploy highly skilled and experienced quality auditors to the telecommunication sites, our approach to the site audit process drives for quality, attention to detail and a superior level of customer service, whilst remaining impartial.

CSS recognise the telecommunication industry’s key performance indicators, namely the Network Promoter Score, which has a direct correlation to the Networks Performance. CSS have proven over the years to their clients the many benefits of using their telecom quality auditing services with the net results being that all telecommunication sites inspected by CSS’s quality auditors subsequently function to their optimum service and revenue levels.