Hand Over Pack Desktop Audits

Hand Over Packs (HOPS) are a Telecoms Industry requirement, detailing a project’s description or scope of works, which could incorporate a telecom site build or upgrade or the decommissioning of a site.

The HOP is used as a benchmark to monitor the sites performance and quality of work by the individual build contractors.

CSS will conduct a desktop quality audit of the HOP, ensuring the integrity of the data supplied corresponds with the clients’ specifications.

CSS fully appreciate the demands and challenges in relation to HOP delivery within our client’s Service Level Agreements and Right First Time, therefore to relieve this issue for our clients, CSS offer HOP Defect Management to resolution via the Quality Management System, where CSS manage the build contractors directly to ensure the HOP is completed correctly.

CSS quality auditors are also able to conduct a Pre-HOP Evaluation and rectify the HOP either by desktop and/or at the site to ensure a completed HOP within an efficient timeline. This service has proven invaluable to our clients, because it has enabled the clients to achieve significant contractual Service Level Agreements and substantially benefiting the clients’ cash-flow.